Nurturing Parent & Teen Communication Classes

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Nurturing Parent & Teen Communication Classes: Every Tuesday evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for 12 weeks and includes weekly home practice assignment. Free classes resuming in the Fall at Lake Bridge Behavioral Hospital, 3500 Riverside Drive, Macon, GA 31210. Learn and apply new techniques for effective communication! Ages 13 – 19 for teens; parents of all ages! Parents and teens must commit to all classes in order to build upon weekly principles and practice. All participants are asked to share beliefs of parenting/being parented by taking a multiple choice questionnaire at beginning of classes and repeating at end of program to determine if answers are the same. Only 10 family slots available. For more information, call 478-297-1137.

Nurturing Program by Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D.

Week 1: “What is Nurturing? Ten Characteristics of Nurturing Parenting and Teen Relationships”

Week 2: “Adolescence: It’s Normal for Teens to Act Wierd: Teen Brains and Behavior; Puberty and Adolescence; Helping Teens through Challenging Times; Praising Teenagers and Their Behavior”

Week 3: “Do You Know Me?”

Week 4: ‘Taking Care of Ourselves: Meeting our Needs as Parents”

Week 5: “Parents and Teens Communication Survey; Trusting Teen-Parent Relationships; Constructive Communication”

Week 6: “Adult Personal Power; Negotiation & Compromise; Problem Solving & Decision Making”

Week 7: “What Teens Stop Talking and Eight Things Parents Can Do; Discipline: Family Morals, Values and Rules”

Week 8: “Helping Teens Manage Their Behavior: Rewards and Punishments; Punishments as Consequences of Behavior; Rewards as Consequences to Appropriate Behavior”

Week 9: “Understanding and Handling Stress: Families and Alcohol Use; 12 Steps to Keeping Teens Drug Free”

Week 10: “Ways to Handle Anger; Violent and Possessive Relationships”

Week 11: “Teen Developmental Issues: Depression, Eating Disorders, Teen Suicide”

Week 12: Class Recap and Party